Using Bitcoin Profit correctly

At first glance, new platforms for trading cryptocurrencies seem to enter the world stage almost daily and vie for the favour of the numerous investors. Moreover, there are now many thousands of digital currencies, but they can only be traded with a few renowned platforms and in this way only make it into the world’s top 100. Basically, the highest possible return is the top priority for investors, which is why many investors rightly ask themselves which of the available trading bots is actually reputable and can work profitably with the invested money. Bitcoin Profit is undoubtedly one of those platforms that is among the popular platforms for trading cryptocurrencies due to its good results. Below are some aspects of Bitcoin Profit worth knowing and mentioning.

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Bitcoin Profit briefly explained

Bitcoin Profit is based on advanced algorithms (from  that analyse an almost infinite amount of data from millions of different financial sources. Experts refer to this as a so-called high-frequency trading method. The crypto bot makes decisions for or against an investment in a particular digital currency completely automatically. Human emotions are unknown to the bot, which means that arguments or fears are completely left out and profits can be optimised.

Features & functionality

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The makers of Bitcoin Profit

The team behind Bitcoin Profit is made up of experienced experts from the software development, finance and fintech sectors. The good mixture means that Bitcoin Ciruit can make use of the knowledge and expertise from elementary areas of crypto trading and can consistently represent a great added value for its users. Bitcoin Profit has been working extremely effectively and successfully for its investors since the beginning.

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User feedback on Bitcoin Profit

A user of Bitcoin Profit writes that he started trading right away, i.e. the mine deposit amount of 250 US dollars was credited to his personal account. He further reports that he considers the Bitcoin Profit to be extremely efficient and was already able to record a profit for himself on the second day. He is very much looking forward to further daily profits.

Advantages and disadvantages of Bitcoin Profit


– With Bitcoin Profit, there are no hidden commissions for the platform itself or other unwelcome fees for the user.

– The bot works completely automatically around the clock according to the specifications of the respective investor.

– Deposits can be made either by VISA, Mastercard or bank transfer.

– Bitcoin Profit has no restrictions on the withdrawal of winnings.

– For those interested, the platform offers a demo account that can be used free of charge.


– Bitcoin Profit is not yet available in all countries.

Is Bitcoin Profit reputable?

Various independent tests prove that Bitcoin Profit is absolutely reputable. The feedback from users of the platform alone, which can be found on the website, shows that Bitcoin Profit enjoys an extremely good reputation around the world. Moreover, Bitcoin Profit is very well networked with many renowned brokers worldwide. The user is automatically connected to a broker after registration.

How Bitcoin Profit works

A special feature of Bitcoin Profit is the provision and creation of trading information, which is made available to investors as a basis for decisions to buy or sell. Based on its algorithms, the bot can react very quickly to large amounts of data, process them and make far better decisions than a human could ever do.

Using Bitcoin Profit correctly

Beginners should start with the minimum deposit amount of 250 US dollars and only increase their investments step by step later. Only when investors have correctly understood how the bot works can high returns be achieved. In the best case, users only need 30 minutes per day to deal with Bitcoin Profit. It is important that the user checks the market once a day and gives the bot the appropriate settings.

Conclusion on Bitcoin Profit

Bitcoin Profit enjoys great popularity among investors due to its success so far. Through the high-frequency trading function, users can quickly gain insights on market developments and use this knowledge to optimise their return prospects. Even inexperienced newcomers to the crypto market can use Bitcoin Sup

Encuesta de Bank of America: El 74% de los gestores de fondos ven el Bitcoin como una burbuja

La última encuesta de gestores de fondos de Bank of America muestra que aproximadamente tres de cada cuatro inversores profesionales piensan que el bitcoin es una burbuja.

Los gestores de fondos también calificaron al bitcoin como el segundo en la lista de las operaciones más concurridas. Recientemente, el banco de inversión JPMorgan también advirtió que la criptomoneda como sector está en una burbuja.

La encuesta de Bank of America muestra que la mayoría de los gestores de fondos piensan que el Bitcoin es una burbuja

La encuesta de gestores de fondos de Bank of America correspondiente al mes de abril muestra que la mayoría de los gestores de fondos consideran que el bitcoin es una burbuja. La encuesta pregunta a 200 gestores de fondos con 533.000 millones de dólares en activos gestionados.

A la pregunta de si el bitcoin es una burbuja, el 74% de los inversores respondió “sí”. Sólo el 16% dijo “no” a la pregunta y el 10% dijo no saber o no querer responder a la pregunta. En comparación, sólo el 7% de los inversores piensa que el mercado de renta variable estadounidense está en una burbuja. La mayoría de los encuestados piensa que el mercado de renta variable está en “una fase alcista tardía”.

Los gestores de fondos que respondieron a la encuesta también calificaron al bitcoin como el segundo en la lista de operaciones más concurridas, con un 27% que dijo que el BTC era la operación más concurrida. Las acciones tecnológicas ocupan el primer lugar, con algo más de tres de cada diez encuestados que citan la tecnología como la operación más concurrida.

El bitcoin tendrá un rendimiento superior en 2021

No obstante, alrededor del 10% de los gestores de fondos siguen creyendo que el bitcoin tendrá un rendimiento superior en 2021.

Bank of America lleva meses diciendo que el bitcoin está en una burbuja. A principios de este año, Michael Hartnett, estratega jefe de inversiones de Bank of America Securities, dijo que el bitcoin parece “la madre de todas las burbujas.

” En marzo, el estratega del banco dijo que la única buena razón para mantener BTC es “la pura apreciación del precio”.

Recientemente, el banco de inversión JPMorgan también nombró a la criptomoneda como uno de los sectores que cree que está en una burbuja. A pesar de esta opinión, la firma ha predicho que el precio del bitcoin podría alcanzar los 130.000 dólares a largo plazo.

Goldman Sachs COO: Bitcoin adoption will “explode”

Goldman Sachs COO: Bitcoin adoption will ‘explode’

A Goldman Sachs executive says the investment bank is increasingly Bitcoin-bullish. But final doubts have not yet been dispelled.

Among Goldman Sachs clients, people are increasingly betting on Bitcoin. An interview with the Reuters news agency reveals that the US investment bank has been gaining strong momentum in The News Spy cryptocurrencies for some time. According to Chief Operating Officer (COO) John Waldron, customer demand for Bitcoin and Co. is on the rise. They are trying to meet the increased interest, but have to be careful to comply with all regulatory requirements. That is not always easy.

Last but not least, the COVID 19 pandemic is also responsible for the increased interest in digital assets and online trading. After all, people have much more time for experimental investments and online shopping these days. It is not to be expected that this trend will be exhausted any time soon, according to the Goldman board member. On the contrary, Goldman Sachs expects an “explosion” in demand for digital assets like Bitcoin.

The pandemic was a major accelerator. There is no question in our mind that there will be more trading in digital money.
John Waldron

Most recently, the New York investment bank had relaunched its Bitcoin trading desk. Clients have thus been able to trade BTC derivatives such as futures and forwards again since the beginning of March this year. According to a recent survey of Goldman clients, 40 percent of investors are already invested in crypto assets. The study also revealed a surprisingly bullish attitude among Goldman investors. 76 per cent of those surveyed see the BTC year-end price between 40,000 and 100,000 US dollars. As many as 22 percent even expect prices beyond USD 100,000. It is no wonder that Waldron speaks of an “explosion” in crypto demand.

Goldman is nevertheless plagued by doubts

Goldman Sachs and Bitcoin have sometimes had an ambivalent relationship. Most recently, the notorious volatility of Bitcoin has been a source of contention in the ranks of the US bank. Bitcoin had “matured” but was still not stable enough in price, according to Jeff Currie, Global Head of Commodities Research. For the cryptocurrency to come of age, more institutional investors need to enter the market.

The key to creating some sort of stability in the market is to see an increase in institutional investor participation and right now it’s small.
Jeff Currie

Whether institutional demand for BTC and co. is really still that small, however, is questionable. After all, news of well-funded investors entering the crypto market reaches us on a weekly basis. For example, the Norwegian energy company Aker ASA founded a subsidiary that focuses on Bitcoin.

Goodbye rapacious banks and their crazy rates: the bet on this cryptocurrency pays off, it explodes its historic record!

Not afraid to take up the DeFi – While Bitcoin stagnates, the tokens of decentralized finance take the opportunity to emancipate themselves and take off. Little by little, historic digital currencies are giving way in the top 10 crypto capitalizations to tokens linked to the DeFi ecosystem.

AAVE exceeds its ATH, the rest of DeFi follows closely

The price of AAVE has appreciated by more than 225% since January 1. This great surge allowed it to surpass its highest level and make its way into the top 20 by capitalization of crypto-assets.

The current bullish phase is driven by the widespread craze for Crypto Code app and the excellent fundamentals of the project. AAVE’s flash loans service exploded barely a year after its launch. The project totals $ 1.7 billion loaned in 2020 .

The project, its loans, and the returns it generates are in high demand, as you can see below with the graph of the total value tied up in the project that keeps growing. Likewise, the AAVE token trading volume has increased fivefold over the past twelve months, reaching nearly $ 1 billion.

The price of Polkadot and Uniswap tokens also appreciated strongly during the month of January. So much so that the DOT is placed fourth in the ranking of crypto-assets by capitalization . Thus exceeding the capitalization of historical digital currencies such as Litecoin or Bitcoin Cash .

DeFi and decentralized exchanges, towards total financial emancipation?

Just a year ago, decentralized exchanges – or DEX – had extremely low volumes . Several projects resulting from the wave of ICOs of 2017-2018 intended to create a DEX, but did not meet the expected success.

However, since this summer the volumes of new DEX have been steadily increasing . While January is not yet over, the volume on DEX is breaking records. For the moment, 40 billion dollars have circulated through the various exchanges.

Nasdaq listed company buys R$ 820 million in Bitcoin

The company is diversifying into Bitcoin, making its purchase one of the largest by a public company.

Marathon Patent Group, a publicly traded company listed on Nasdaq, purchased 4,812 bitcoins for a total of $150 million, approximately $820 million in the conversion. The company purchased the digital currency through New York Digital Investment Group (NYDIG) at an average price of $31,168 per Bitcoin.

“By buying $150 million in Bitcoin, we have accelerated the process of transforming Marathon into what we believe is the de facto investment choice for individuals and institutions seeking exposure to this new asset class,” said Merrick Okamoto, president of Marathon and CEO.

The company’s chairman said he believed that maintaining part of its Treasury reserves at Bitcoin would be a better long-term strategy than maintaining US dollars.

“We believe that keeping part of our Treasury reserves in Bitcoin will be a better long-term strategy than keeping U.S. dollars, similar to other forward-thinking companies like MicroStrategy.

By leveraging our available money to invest in Bitcoin now, we turn our potential to be a pure investment into a reality. ”

Despite the name, Marathon is a Bitcoin mining company, they raised about $250 million recently to buy mining equipment, but currently there is a shortage of chips due to lockdowns, so delays are expected.

Instead of waiting with cash, the company is diversifying into Bitcoin, making its purchase one of the largest by a public company.

Marathon has purchased some 103,060 pieces of equipment, all of which are expected to be delivered and deployed by the end of the first quarter of 2022. According to the company, if all the equipment were in operation, based on the current Bitcoin network difficulty rate, it would produce 50 Bitcoins every day.

The mining industry is now going through what the company called the “arms race” for new platforms. More mining machines means more mining power, which means more Bitcoins, and Marathon is racing to achieve it.

The company will not reach its target mining capacity any time soon. In the meantime, it is using its money “to invest in Bitcoin now,” the company’s CEO told Coindesk.

Anzahl der Bitcoin-Adressen, die 1k BTC halten, übersteigt 2.000 Bitcoin-Wallets

Im Gegensatz zur Hausse von 2017, die von Kleinanlegern vorangetrieben wurde, wird die aktuelle Hausse institutionellen Akteuren zugeschrieben, die sich in der Anlageklasse engagieren.

Diese Behauptung wird durch Berichte über große multinationale Unternehmen gestützt, die sich dem Krypto-Raum anschließen, in der Hoffnung, sich vor der aktuellen wirtschaftlichen Kernschmelze zu retten, die durch die Pandemie des Coronavirus (COVID-19) verursacht wurde.

Aktuelle On-Chain-Daten von Glassnode zeigen, dass die Anzahl der Adressen, die mindestens 1.000 BTC halten, seit dem letzten Jahr gestiegen ist.

Laut den Daten, die von Arcane Research geteilt wurden, sind die Adressen, die mehr als 1.000 BTC (36,9 Mio. $ ) halten, zwischen Dezember 2020 und dem 18. Januar 2021 um 7,2 % gestiegen.

Damit wurde der Rekord aus dem letzten Jahr übertroffen, in dem es von Januar 2020 bis Dezember 2020 nur einen Anstieg von 6,7 % gab.

Basierend auf den Daten gibt es derzeit mehr als 2.000 Adressen, die mindestens 1.000 BTC halten, wobei die Menge in den kommenden Monaten noch steigen dürfte.

Da BTC als Absicherung gegen die Inflation gilt, besteht die Wahrscheinlichkeit, dass mehr institutionelle Investoren in die Branche strömen werden.

Interessanterweise befindet sich die Mehrheit dieser Adressen aufgrund der kontinuierlichen Rallye von BTC seit dem letzten Jahr im Gewinn.

Obwohl die Daten nicht implizieren, dass jede Adresse im Besitz von individuell, eine Adresse kann Fonds enthalten, die von vielen Menschen, wie Krypto-Börsen.

Es zeigt jedoch, dass Menschen Bitcoin in großen Mengen akkumulieren und könnte dazu beitragen, die kontinuierliche Rallye des Assets aufrechtzuerhalten.
Institutionelles Interesse

Bitcoin wurde gegen Ende des letzten Jahres zu einem heißen Thema in der Finanzbranche, als MicroStrategy Interesse an dem Vermögenswert bekundete und darüber hinaus ein großes BTC-Volumen als Teil seiner Reserve kaufte.

Die Entscheidung erwies sich als Segen für das börsennotierte Business-Intelligence- und Software-Unternehmen, da BTC seither weiter ansteigt.

In ähnlicher Weise hat Grayscale, ein in den USA ansässiger digitaler Vermögensverwalter, der institutionelle Spieler auf Kryptowährungen aufmerksam macht, in diesem Zeitraum ebenfalls erhebliche BTC-Investitionen getätigt. Wie berichtet, Grayscale kaufte 12,319 BTC in nur 24 Stunden, ein Kunststück, das viele Krypto-Enthusiasten in Ehrfurcht gelassen.

Most advantageous crypto mining hardware for 2021

Know the best hardware for crypto mining, as well as the problems of shortage of them in the face of growing demand.

Digital mining was one of the most profitable and secure businesses during 2020. The crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic negatively impacted all sectors of the economy, except for digital coin mining. Learn about the best crypto mining hardware for 2021.

To mine crypto coins in a profitable way next year, it is necessary to be equipped with the best machines. But there is a big problem and that is that the expansion of the business in the world, has caused that the demand exceeds the offer, creating a scarcity gap of machines and graphic cards.

Big players like Marathon, Riot Blockchain or Core Scientific, are monopolizing the lots of the main ASIC manufacturers. On the other hand, second-hand equipment is rising rapidly in the middle of the shortage and the increase in price of Bitcoin.

The most powerful crypto mining hardware

Considering the high price of Bitcoin, there are a lot of very profitable crypto mining hardware options. In fact, many of the ASICs that were considered obsolete after May’s Halving came back to life again. The most peculiar case is the emblematic S9 of Bitmain.

This variety of equipment, added to the high price of Bitcoin Era, allows the lack of new models, not to feel so strong. At the same time, there is a third company (Canaan) that brought to the market a very competitive machine that could be a good option.

Thus, the best machines for 2021, are the series S19 of Bitmain, the M30S of MicroBT and the Avalon Miner 1246 of Canaan Creative. The first two can reach and even exceed 100 TH/s. As for the third one, it works with a little less computing power (about 90 TH/s maximum), however, its price is cheaper than its rivals.

The problem with this equipment, as already mentioned, is the lack of access by the miners. In this regard, Nathaniel Justin Yu, an official of Bitmain, confirmed to news portals that there is a great demand for the S19 series. In addition, he said that all the machines that will produce until July 2021 have been sold.

A similar situation occurs with the crypto mining hardware manufactured by MicroBT. These are among the main demands of the large companies that are dedicated to mining, such as the North American companies mentioned above.

History repeats itself with graphics cards

The situation related to the shortage of equipment, is repeated for the miners of other cryptosystems. GPU cards are needed for mining a number of coins with different algorithms than the Sha-256 used to mine Bitcoin. These include Ethereum Classic, Monero, Zcash, Bitcoin Gold, Raven Coin, and many others.

Access to the cards of the main manufacturers of these cards, Nvidia and AMD, is extremely difficult. Of course, the new series are quickly monopolized by the more powerful miners or merchants who resell them at much higher prices.

For example, the most used cards for the mining of these crypto currencies, are the GeForce RTX 2080 from NVIDIA and the Radeon RX580 from AMD. These, being the most used, have a higher price due to a stagnant supply and an increasing demand.

But there are other newer models from both manufacturers. It is feared that these crypto mining hardware will not be available to everyone, even in the medium term.

A promising 2021 for business

As you can see, the constant turns of the economy during the year 2020, guaranteed a good development of the digital mining business. The year 2021 will start with a much higher interest, while the price of Bitcoin and other currencies becomes an even greater driver.

It is also important to highlight that the miners are already at a much higher stage of maturity than in previous times. Now, they’re not afraid of price corrections and tend to be more thrifty, which guarantees a high price, especially for Bitcoin.

Data to take into consideration

  • By 2021 the best ASICs for crypto mining will not be available for sale until July.
  • Similar situation occurs with GPU cards. In this market, the supply is largely overwhelmed by demand.
  • The second hand market is flourishing, but with increasing prices.
  • The year 2021 is shaping up to be a very competitive year among miners. This rivalry is accentuated by the extension of Bitcoin’s bull run.

Os principais jogadores continuam a acumular bitcoins

Grandes investidores continuam a acumular BTCs, como evidenciado pelo último relatório da empresa de gerenciamento de ativos digitais Grayscale.

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Registre-se no 1xBit e tenha lucro agora!

Na última sexta-feira, este gigante publicou dados, dos quais se conclui que o montante total de recursos na criptomoeda sob seu controle atingiu US $ 16,3 bilhões.

O analista Kevin Rook twittou que Bitcoin Bank continuou a comprar bitcoins mesmo em meio à recente consolidação do mercado de criptografia.

Ele observou que o bitcoin trust da empresa adquiriu 12.319 moedas em apenas um dia. Isso é mais do que em toda a semana passada, quando a escala de cinza investiu na aquisição de 11.512 BTC.


Estrategista da Miller Tabak espera que BTC caia 25-30% em 2021

A ativação de grandes investidores indica que eles estão preparados para um crescimento de longo prazo no valor da maior moeda digital. No momento, os fundos Bitcoin e Ethereum Grayscale acumularam ativos digitais de $ 14,075 bilhões e $ 1,808 bilhão, respectivamente.

Recentemente, soube-se que a empresa se prepara para suspender a aceitação de fundos em diversos fundos de criptomoeda. No entanto, a maioria dos observadores está confiante de que esta será uma medida temporária.

Anteriormente, o analista da TradeBlock John Todaro afirmou que a maioria dos investidores institucionais compram bitcoins em plataformas OTC. Assim, eles entram no mercado de criptografia para não exacerbar sua volatilidade.

Bitcoin erreicht neues $ 23.000-Hoch, Willy Woo sagt, dass $ 100.000-Mark jetzt zu niedrig ist

Bitcoin hat mit steigenden institutionellen Investitionen ein neues Allzeithoch erreicht. Willy Woo sagt, 55.000 Dollar seien sein nächstes Ziel.

Bitcoin hat ein neues Allzeithoch von 23.000 USD erreicht, nachdem der kurzlebige Widerstandsbereich von 21.000 USD auf 22.000 USD skaliert wurde

Am 17. Dezember, nachdem der bekannte Analyst Willy Woo die Marke von 23.000 US-Dollar erreicht hatte, sagte er, dass 100.000 US-Dollar jetzt etwas zu niedrig sind.

Nach dem Erreichen von 20.000 USD wurde die Marke von 21.000 USD als Meilenstein für Bitcoin festgelegt, um einen signifikanten Anstieg zu erzielen. Laut einem Cointelegraph- Bericht zeigten Heatmaps von Börsen, dass Verkaufsaufträge für Preise zwischen 21.000 und 21.500 US-Dollar festgelegt wurden, was wie hier darauf hindeutet, dass Bitcoin diese Niveaus übertreffen musste, um eine robustere Aufwärtsbewegung zu sehen.

Aufgrund der bullischen Natur der Händler sagt Willy Woo, dass der nächste Meilenstein 55.000 US-Dollar ist:

„Wir befinden uns nicht an einem Allzeithoch, an dem sich das BTC Top Cap-Modell nach oben krümmt. Mal sehen, wie hoch sie im Jahr 2021 ist. 100.000 US-Dollar sind ein lächerlich niedriges Ziel auf der aktuellen Flugbahn. $ 55k ist der nächste Meilenstein -> Bitcoin wird zu einem $ 1T-Makro-Asset-Bucket.“

Wenn Bitcoin 55.000 USD erreicht, entspricht dies bis zu 10% der gesamten Marktkapitalisierung von Gold. Unabhängig davon würde ein Preis über 50.000 USD zu einem deutlichen Wettbewerb der Marktkapitalisierung gegenüber dem von Gold führen.

Die obige Prognose ist angesichts des anhaltenden Anstiegs der institutionellen Investitionsrate in Bitcoin plausibel. startet USDT-basierte Bitcoin (BTC) und Ether (ETH) startet USDT-basierte Bitcoin (BTC) und Ether (ETH) Futures

Leverj ist so konzipiert, dass es wie eine traditionelle Finanzbörse funktioniert, während es die kritischen Funktionen der Privatsphäre und der Sicherheit beibehält und es den Nutzern ermöglicht, die Verwahrung ihrer Vermögenswerte während des gesamten Handelslebenszyklus…

Leverj, eine dezentrale Handelsplattform für Kryptowährungsderivate, kündigt heute zusammen mit seinen Liquiditätsanbietern bei Bitcoin Revlution die Einführung von Futures-Produkten (Perpetual Swaps) für Bitcoin (BTC) und Ether (ETH) gegen USDT an. Bitcoin und Ether Perpetual Kontrakte gegen Stablecoin DAI sind bereits live.

In den letzten 12 Monaten ist das DeFi-Ökosystem exponentiell gewachsen, wobei die Wachstumsrate des Handelsvolumens auf dezentralen Börsen (DEX) die der zentralen Börsen (CEX) weit übertrifft. Im September 2020 wuchs das Handelsvolumen über DEXes um 121%. Im selben Monat schrumpfte das Handelsvolumen an CEXen um 51%.

Leverj baut auf diesem Trend auf, indem es eine nicht-kustodiale, dezentrale Börse einführt, die Spot- und Futures-Handel anbietet, und zielt darauf ab, einige der Herausforderungen zu minimieren, die mit DeFi heute verbunden sind.

“Sowohl private als auch institutionelle Händler sind des Kontrahentenrisikos zentralisierter Börsen überdrüssig”, sagte Fran Strajnar, CEO von Techemy Capital. “Bis vor kurzem war dies die einzige Wahl. Uniswap hat der Welt gezeigt, wie Instant Swaps auf eine einfache und nicht-kustodiale Weise funktionieren können. ist die erste Derivatebörse, die das Problem der Selbstverwahrung knackt. Dies ist ein wichtiger Teil des DeFi ‘Geld-Lego’ Stacks.”

Da die gesamte DeFi-Branche nach schnellerem Clearing, niedrigeren Netzwerkgebühren und allgemeiner Skalierbarkeit verlangt, ist Leverj die erste Anwendung, die auf dem fortschrittlichen Gluon.Network-Protokoll aufgebaut ist, einer Ethereum-Skalierbarkeitslösung, die speziell für den hochfrequenten dezentralen Derivatehandel entwickelt wurde.

Leverj wird aktiv unterstützt von CoinShares, der Technologiefirma ConsenSys, dem Stablecoin-System Maker und den aktiven Investoren Techemy Capital, einer Schwesterfirma von Brave New Coin (BNC). BNC unterstützt auch die Leverj Produkt-Roadmap, indem sie die Hochfrequenz-Börse mit den Indizes versorgt, um ihre kommenden Perpetual Swaps zu betreiben. sind die Prüfer.

Alle genannten Unternehmen sind Investoren in L2, dem nativen Governance-Token des Gluon Network, der ein wichtiger Bestandteil des dezentralen Börsen-Ökosystems sein wird. Laut BNC-Forschung haben verschiedene Governance-Token in den letzten Monaten über materielle Veränderungen im Blockchain-Ökosystem im Wert von über 5 Milliarden Dollar abgestimmt, darunter Produkt- und Funktionseinführungen sowie bedeutende M&A-Aktivitäten. Governance-Token beweisen ihre Nützlichkeit im DeFi-Ökosystem und es wird erwartet, dass sie weiter an Popularität gewinnen.

Bis zum 15. Dezember wird Leverj zwei Cash-settled Futures-Produkte auf ihrer dezentralen Derivatebörse einführen: ETH- und BTC-Perpetual-Swap-Kontrakte gegen USDT, und das dritte Produkt, der BNC DeFi Index, der Mitte Januar gegen USD Tether notiert wird. stellt Hochgeschwindigkeits-Indizes und die Infrastruktur für alle Futures-Produkte zur Verfügung

“Im Geiste der Dezentralisierung sind wir sehr aufgeregt, unseren DeFi-Index auf einer wirklich schnellen dezentralen Börse zu starten”, sagte Pierre Ansaldi, Head of Product bei Brave New Coin. “ ist ein großartiger Ort, um Produkte zu lancieren, die nie zuvor möglich waren.”

Die führende Investmentfirma für digitale Vermögenswerte, CoinShares, wird Liquidität und Market-Making-Services für L2 bereitstellen. Meltem Demirors, CoinShares’ Chief Strategy Officer, kommentierte: “CoinShares leistet seit 2013 Pionierarbeit bei Liquiditätslösungen für Kryptoprodukte. Wir freuen uns darauf, unsere Kapitalmarktexpertise in den DeFi-Raum einzubringen, indem wir Liquidität für diesen neuen On-Chain- und Hochfrequenz-Handelsplatz bereitstellen.”

Techemy Capital unterstützt aktiv die Go-to-Market-Strategie von Leverj

“Ethereum-basierte DeFi erreicht einen Singularitätspunkt, wobei DeFi als Liquiditätswirbel fungiert, der alle finanziellen und monetären Werte ansaugt. Finanzinstrumente sind nun demokratisiert und erlaubnisfrei. Allerdings können DeFi-Primitive wie Derivate und Geldmärkte nur so viel tun, bevor sie auf die zugrunde liegenden Netzwerkbeschränkungen stoßen. An dieser Stelle werden Layer-2-Lösungen wie Gluon.Network von unschätzbarem Wert”, sagt Donn Krassiyenko, Head of DeFi Products bei Techemy.Capital.