Arbitrum Token Skyrockets 12%, Surges Ahead of Ethereum on CMC

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• Arbitrum token (ARB) surged by 12% in 24 hours and its market cap increased by 11%.
• Arbitrum announced a partnership with Alchemy, allowing users to track NFTs in real time on its network.
• The integration of Alchemy’s infrastructure is expected to improve the overall user experience on Arbitrum.

Arbitrum Token Surges

Arbitrum token (ARB) surged by 12% in 24 hours, resulting in an increase of 11% in its market cap. Trading volumes also saw a 140% surge during this period, causing ARB to become today’s number one trending coin on CoinMarketCap.

Real-Time NFT Tracking

The network announced a new development allowing users to track Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) in real time using Alchemy’s infrastructure. This feature allows collectors and traders to closely monitor their digital assets for security purposes as the value of these assets can change quickly within the rapidly growing NFT market.

Excitement from Blockchain Community

The announcement was met with excitement from the blockchain community and its network. Many users praised the integration of Alchemy’s infrastructure on the Arbitrum network which is expected to improve the overall user experience when managing NFTs or engaging in transactions.

Significant Step Forward

Adding real-time NFT tracking on Arbitrum presents a significant step forward for not only the network but also for the broader blockchain ecosystem as it highlights continued growth and development within this sector.


Overall, this development shows that Arbitrum is continuing to progress towards becoming an even more secure and reliable platform for trading digital assets such as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT).